Gloucester High School writers: Henry Vo, Maggie McKirdy; editor: Catherine Lamb

Day 3 Bulgaria! Bulgaria is a European country and a Balkan nation on the western side of the Black Sea. Bulgaria borders with Romania, Greece, Turkey, and Serbia. Under a presidential constitution Bulgaria is lead by Tomislav Donchev. With a small area of 111 000 km squared you could fit 90 Bulgarias in Canada! Bulgaria’s population density on the other hand is much larger than Canada’s. With a population of around 7 million their density is around 63 people per square kilometer compared to Canada’s very small 4 people per square kilometer. Bulgaria only has a few industries but they do quite well, being europe’s largest producer of Lead, Zinc and Copper they also produce 10% of the entire world’s hydraulic machinery used in lots of construction vehicles.

Bulgaria also competes in the Olympics, and has many competitive athletes representing them!

Maxim Staviski

He is an Ice skater and a 2 time world champion in his sport. Competing with his wife in many competitions he has definitely made a name for himself and his country.

Naim Suleymanoglu

An Olympic champion in weightlifting, his largest lift in a lift called “clean and jerk” Naim lifted a humongous 419 pounds(190kg)! Almost 3 times his own body weight. He got enough recognition in the sport to be nicknamed “the pocket hercules”.

Stefka Kostadinova

Another record holding athlete, Stefka competes in high jump, and has owned her record of 2.09 ft since 1987! She’s also a 2 time world champion in her sport, way to go Stefka!