Our route… best laid plans and all that

The mongol rally guide advises the “un-route” which is basically to go with as little planning as possible and to explore as you go. Great advice that we will follow but time is not on our side so some mapping had to take place.

Getting Started: Norwich to Prague 1,453 km 15h
Our Route: Prague to Ulan-Ude 11,712km 150 hours
Leg 1: Prague, Czechia to Istanbul, Turkey 1,859 km 19h 43min est.
Leg 2: Istanbul, Turkey to Batumi, Georgia 1,610 km 19h 26min
Leg 3: Batumi, Georgia to Astana, Kazhakstan 4,240 km 52h
Leg 4: Astana to Ulgii, Mongolia 1,796 km 25h
Leg 5: Uglii to Ulan-Ude and Finishline 2,271 25h

The Philosophy of Un-route

We believe the world is far too safe and organised, that we’ve come to live in ever decreasing circles of freedom. Fear of litigation, greed and a spineless refusal to take responsibility for ourselves have robbed us of one of the most interesting things in life: the unexpected.

The un-route rails against this. It forces you to be lost, to not know what’s around the next corner, to embrace the unknown.

It’s brilliantly simple. We give you a start point and a finish point but where you go or what you do in between is entirely your steaming bag of adventuring magic. We recommend that you don’t spend too long planning your route or poring over useful maps or guidebooks. Find out what’s there when you arrive. Unleash the unexpected. https://www.theadventurists.com/mongol-rally-un-route/


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