Mongolia consists of roughly 12,660 km of roads. However, only 2,244 km are paved, 1,440 km has a gravel surface, 1,346 km has an improved earth surface and over 6,900 km is earth tracks. Mongolia, like Canada, is cold and very dry with harsh climate. They have long winters and short summers with a lot of precipitation. Another similarity with Canada is their speed limits. The speed limit in residential zones is 20 km/h, in built up areas it’s 60 km/h, outside built up areas it’s 80 km/h and on highways 100 km/h. All the traffic is on the right side of the road. As stated earlier Mongolia’s roads are mostly unpaved, the conditions of driving are really based on weather. On days with heavy rain, most roads would be in poor condition. Accidents occur frequently in Mongolia, there are roughly 616 deaths per year. The longest distance from one end of the country to the other is 2,368 kilometers. Foreigners are mainly targeted for crime, especially in the capital. Most are nonviolent but some consist of assault and robbery. Travel in Mongolia can be rough but a absolutely beautiful place to visit.

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