Posts from the Road

Day 3 of the adventure!!!
Leaving the UK for the continent

5 thoughts on “Posts from the Road

  1. The last 24 hours have been interesting. We left Norwich at 7:30 am to get to the Chunnel by noon. We made it even after getting lost on route. The chunnel was an experience…35 minutes but waiting time was a couple of hours. Kevin had been driving 24 hours straight. I say had been because we ran out of gas. I’m writing this as Kevin & Geoff are walking down the road looking for a gas station & I’m guarding the car. Luckily we bought a reflector triangle & vest this morning…it’s the law that you carry both in your car. I don’t think we thought we’d be using them so soon! We also got lost twice in Belgium…once in Ghent and once in Brussels. It’s ironic because we hadn’t even realized Belgium was even on our route..we also spent some time in the Netherlands which was also a surprise. It’s raining which means the stuff on the roof rack is getting wet. The bags up there are Geoff’s and Kevin’s…luckily my knapsack is in the car…poor them. I’d tie the tarp up there but unfortunately it’s in one of the tied down bags! We have a lot to learn. On the bright side we can now pencil in two more counties on our t-shirts and we’re buying a gas can…again, much sooner than we thought. We also have a lot of snacks in the car. Once the guys get back we’ll be back on the road again heading to our destination of Prague and the Mongol Rally send off party tonight…yep, interesting day…and the rally hasn’t even started yet!
    Will post more later…we’re now in Budapest eating Hungarian goulash, wild boar & lamb!


  2. Sounds like you’re off to a good start (lol). Do you have a good geographer with you? Sounds like you need one! You should have taken me along!! Cheers, John, and keep reading those maps….


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