Thanks to Vivian, Sydney and Jesse!
Awesome playlist Kathy, can’t wait to cruise to the tunes!
Thanks Dennis!
Big thanks to Lisa and Elena!
Thanks to Monica and all the folks at IDP IELTS


4 thoughts on “Playlists

  1. Hi! Heard your story this morning on CBC and Im so excited for all of you! I have done lapping and autocross for 4 years (currently on a racing sabbatical for a couple of years!) and ive always wanted to do a rally….your story has inspired me to pop this back on my bucket list!
    I’d love to suggest 2 albums for your journey:
    “You Can’t Get Out Alive” by The Roaring 420’s
    “Odyssey” by local surf rock band The Reverb Syndicate
    The latter is a non-stop, no-breaks symphony of modern surf music that will invigorate and refresh you, almost like coffee for your music synapses! The Roaring 420’s is a peppy modern psychedelic rock with a bluegrass twang that will get you singing and fist pumping day or night!
    All the best, cant wait to follow you along this incredible trip!


  2. What a cool adventure you are going on! Good for you! I haven’t checked out others’ playlists so this may be a repeat, but I suggest maybe a good recording of your favourite musicals, one you can sing along to. I love to sing along with Showboat, Lost in the Stars, My Fair Lady, okay Sound of Music, all of which dates me. They may not be yours but worth a try. My best wishes for a terrific adventure.

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