Black Betty

The description from the Mongol Rally guide below makes it clear that a good car is a bad car for this journey. And while we haven’t bought a “rolling turd”, Black Betty is not a young one and she may be a ‘shitmobile’ – only time will tell. She is a diesel powered 2002 Toyota Yaris. According to our new friend in Norwich, England who purchased her for us, she is in fine shape with only 102,000 miles on a very fine machine. Our goal is Mongolia and we are confident that Black Betty, our old-new car, perhaps foolishly so, will make it to the finish line.


Mongol Rally Vehicle Rules

Wussy wagons are Out. Shitmobiles are In. If it ain’t broke, break it. 

There are very few rules on the Mongol Rally, but we are somewhat pernickety when it comes to the matter of vehicles.

A Mongol Rally car should be 1000cc, ideally less. Because it’s not always easy to find a car with an engine that small these days we may overlook any car up to 1.2litres. but seriously no bigger.

You must bring the shittiest rolling turd of a car you can find. Use a car you swapped for a bag of crisps. Seek out a steed that most people wouldn’t even use for the weekly shop. Better still, come along on a scooter.  

Behold the three categories of Rally machines we allow.