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Now we arrive in Georgia! Georgia is a country right on the intersection of Europe and Asia. Georgia is a former member of the Soviet Republic such as other popular countries like Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and a few more. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Tbilisi is a region in north-west Georgia known for its architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes. Due to the fact that Georgia is placed firmly in the middle between Europe and Asia, one of the more beautiful tourist attraction is the Caucasus Mountains. These mountains stretch between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Also There is a volcano in the region that is named Mount Elbrus that is known to be the highest volcano of the northern hemisphere. It’s still an active volcano, but don’t worry, it hasn’t erupted in the last 2000 years and hopefully won’t anytime soon.The country of Georgia is large but compared to Canada, it doesn’t even come close. While Georgia is 69,700 square kilometres, Canada is 9,984,670 square kilometres. That means Canada is more than 140 times bigger than Georgia which is a pretty significant difference.Georgia has a population density of 56 people per square kilometer, which is an ideal population density so you don’t have worry about crowds.  

Before going to Georgia, you’re going to need a bit of info that will help guide you through the country safe and easy. First, as you should already know the country does not speak the same language as we do in Canada. Yes, you’ll be able to find certain people that speak english but learning a few key words and phrases in Georgian (the language they speak in Georgia) will assist you on your journey such as yes, no, hello thank you and where is the closest bathroom. Also, their currency is completely different to that of a Canadian dollar. In Georgia, they use the Georgian lari. One Canadian dollar is equal to about 2 dollars in Georgia, so Canadians will get a bigger bang for their buck.

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Georgia definitely has done something better than Canada and that’s their road safety. Travelling to Georgia would result in a very safe trip because the road conditions are close to perfect. Accidents are at an all-time low with less than 1000 accidents per year. The speed limits in Georgia are slower than in Canada which is probably why this is the case. Within Georgia there is a max speed limit of 90 km/h while in Canada, it’s around 110-120 km/h. Even according to the Government of Canada travel advisory, taking standard security protocols is enough to be travelling safely. One important highway that all participants must be familiar with is highway S1. This highway extends to about 571 km and is by far the largest in the country. It shouldn’t take too long for the participants to cross this land because the whole nation itself is tiny with a distance across the nation of 1814 km.

Sports and Leisure

Elene Gedevanishvili

Elene Gedevanishvili is a Georgian figure skater. Gedevanishvili made her senior international debut at the 2006 European Championships where she got 5th place. She is a two-time European bronze medalist.Gedevanishvili became the first skater from Georgia to win a medal at an ISU Championships in 2010. She has competed at three Winter Olympics in total.

Zaza Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia is a Georgian professional basketball player. He plays for the Detroit Pistons of the NBA. He won the NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018. He has played for the Georgia national team and has been the captain for them in multiple tournaments

Nino Tsiklauri

Nino Tsiklauri is a Georgian alpine skier. She was born July 1, 1993. She competed for Georgia at the 2010 Winter Olympics and was a Flag Bearer for the country at the 2014 Winter Olympics. In 2010, her best result was a 50th place in the slalom.

Diana Gurtskaya

Gurtskaya is a famous, blind Georgian singer. Gurtskaya has a number of important prizes and awards to her credit. Most notably, a 2007 Russian Honorable Artist award along with a Medal of Honor. She has recorded duets with various well-known foreign singers including Ray Charles, Toto Cutugno, and Demis Roussos.

Lela Tsurtsumia

Lela Tsurtsumia is a Georgian pop singer and actress. Her career began in 1999 and recently she is the most popular Georgian female singer. She was the first female to perform show in Tbilisi Concert Hall in 2000. She sings in Georgian, Mingrelian and Laz languages.

Merab Ninidze

Merab Ninidze is a Georgian actor. For the last 20 years, he has been in English, Russian and German films and TV series. He has appeared in numerous German films. He is best known for the role as Walter Redlich in Nowhere in Africa. He was awarded an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2002.

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Food and Dining

When going to a country like Georgia, you will have to get used to their food and culture and knowing some dishes can help you to settle in comfortably for the short time you’re there. One of the most traditional local dishes of Georgia is the dumpling-like food know as”Khinkali.” Khinkali is a popular food made with a variety of fillings. In the mountains, this much-praised dish is made with lamb, which comes in abundance, elsewhere, a mixture of minced beef and pork is also used. Another dish is Mtsvadi, which is kebab like dish that consists of lamb or pork and is symbol of true celebration. Pricing for food and beverages are surprisingly reasonable with a bag of chips only costs about fifty cents in Canadian dollars, and the average meal in a restaurant sells for about seven dollars. That being said, some leading supermarkets are Fresco Ortachala and Agrohub. These are among the most popular supermarkets in the nation, and this is where your average Georgian household would   purchase their groceries.

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Challenges and Possible Dangers

To be entirely straightforward Georgia is a terrific country. Hence identifying risks is a difficult task but the country is bordered with Russia so it wouldn’t be the smartest move to act immaturely near the border or attempt to cross the it. Other than that, some things that may pose a problem are knowing the directions and being able to take the right routes because it is a foreign country and most people aren’t familiar with the roads. Also, you must be careful when driving because us Canadians are used maintaining speed limits in kilometres; however that is not the case in Georgia They use miles as their unit of speed measurement.